Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

At Axxo Cleaning & Maintenance Services, we offer the following phases in our post construction cleaning process to deliver high standard of cleaning to our clients: Rough Clean(1), Pre-clean (2) and Final clean(3).

Phase 1: Rough Clean

• Removal of large debris

• Removal of trash

• Removal of labels and stickers from windows

• Bringing dust to a more controlled level before moving to the second phase

Phase 2: Prep Clean (more detailed cleaning)

• Kitchen cleaning

• Bathroom cleaning (sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, countertops, and cabinets)

• Removal of stickers on new appliances

• Cleaning of window and door frames

• Mopping and vacuuming of floors

• Cleaning of mirrors, window ledges

NB: if phase 2 is completed and building contractors come back for the unfinished tasks, the mess they will leave behind will be charged as extra unless pre-arranged with us.

Phase 3: Final Clean (Touch-ups)

This phase is similar to a standard once-off cleaning of a building as it involves:

 Vacuum carpets and floors

 Wash all shard floors/p>

 Dust and polish all furniture

 Clean baseboards and book cases

 Dust removal from light fixtures, vents, etc

 Stain removal from floors and furniture

 Clean inside cabinets, closets and desks

 Full sanitizing of kitchen and bathrooms