Office Cleaning

Are you looking for an office cleaning service in Cape Town?

As a specialist in Office Cleaning Services, we offer highly customized cleaning processes to meet our clients unique requirements.

From the moment you open doors until it is time for our office cleaning staff to go home, your office facilities will undergo regular cleaning tasks consisting of emptying of bins, recycling paper, replenishing toilet facilities with paper products, washing up your dishes, mopping floors and more.

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What kind of office cleaning staff do we offer?

We have:


  • Male or Female General Office Cleaners: general cleaning duties
  • Tea Lady Office Cleaner: general office cleaning and serving of hot and cold beverages to staff and visitors (on demand service).– In-house training
    Our cleaning instructor, Mrs. Janine Philips is in charge of training our staff in order to allow them to clean the Axxo way.Benefits for your company?

    • Improved Business Image:
      Like for a first date, a clean office or working facility gives a good first impression to visitors and clients entering your office or establishment. Untidy office sends a wrong signal to clients and may prevent them from coming back;
    • High Employees Performance & Productivity:
      Employees’ performance is reduced when their working place is cluttered and unorganized. A dirty working environment leads to sickness which is a major cause of absenteeism and therefore mitigates productivity level.
    • Hygiene:
      An unclean kitchen or office desk is synonymous of bacteria, viruses and microbes breeding ground. They promote the spread of disease like flu, food poisoning, headache…Several studies have proven that desks and equipment such as telephone and computer keyboards can hold more viruses and bacteria than toilets;
    • Psychological Problems:
      Exposure to IDS (Irritable Desk Syndrome); A study led by author and “deskologist” Nigel Robertson, a consultant at Open Ergonomics revealed that 40% of desk employees surveyed about office clutter said they were “infuriated by too much clutter and paper on their desks but could not be bothered to do anything about it.”