Moving in or out cleaning

Move in or out cleaning

After moving out of a building, several flaws related to building defects, infestations and other erupt. This includes dirty carpets, leaking taps, cockroaches infestation, etc. New tenants can’t move in such mess, the need for a professional job to be done is required. That’s when most clients pick up their phone and give us a call for help.

What does our move out or in cleaning include?

    1. Cleaning of all floors (excl. carpet washing)
    2. Cleaning of walls, ceiling, and wall mounted fittings
    3. Cleaning of windows (interior and exterior if accessible), sills and frames
    4. Cleaning of Bathrooms
    5. Cleaning of Kitchen and Cupboards

Who needs this type of service?

Basically anyone moving in or out whether it is an individual or an organisation

Our major clients are:

    1. Tenants moving in/out
    2. Landloads
    3. Estate Agencies
    4. Businesses (moving in or out their offices from one location to another)
    5. Factories
    6. Stores

How much do we charge for the service?

Each case is assessed on an individual basis as most clients have various requirement though having the same type or size of premises.

For the above service, call us on 072 486 0060 or send us an email: