Garden Services

Garden Services

A property is not cleaned until its yard or garden has been taken care of by professionals.

At Axxo, we have dedicated gardeners who are proud of the work they do in our clients’ gardens.

Whether it is a stand alone property or communal property (security complex or business park), Axxo gardeners will take care of your lawn, prune your trees without you even being around to see if work is being done the correct way.

It is not surprising that some of our clients have seen their rainforest looking yard turned into a “jardin” (french for Garden).”

To order this service, please call 081 241 2505 or send us an email:

We also supply the following to our clients:

    decorative stones

and more. For free advice, do not hesitate to contact us. You’ll never know what you might be missing until you askto find out more.