Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

Commercial Contract Cleaning

We are providers of contract cleaning services in Cape Town and its suburbs.

Axxo Cleaning Services will assist any organization with the following cleaning services:

Retail Stores Cleaning

: General cleaners are assigned to the client’s store to ensure the ongoing cleanness of the store as customers move in and out.

Storerooms, canteen, and toilets also receive particular attention

Security Complexes Cleaning & Maintenance:

 All communal areas of the complex are taken care of by our staff. This includes and is not limited to parking areas, staircases, swimming pool, clubhouse, gardens, laundry room, passages…

Business Parks Cleaning:

All communal areas of the business complex are taken care of by our cleaners. This includes and is not limited to parking areas, staircases, elevators, gardens, passages…

Schools & Churches and many more…

We provide a free consultation and quotation to customers who want to re-evaluate their cleaning spending without compromising on service quality.

Please contact us by sending us an email to giving us a call on our emergency number 081 241 2505.

We handle all company sizes from SMMEs to Corporate clients.

Cleaning rates: We deliver our commercial cleaning services to the highest standards day in day out and at very competitive rates.

Each client case is studied carefully and rates are established based on the client’s needs.

The following factors will determine your rate when contacting us:

1. The number of cleaners required

2. Cleaning frequency

3. Scope of work

4. Working hours

5. Location of premises

NB: Clients are required to specify whether or not they want us to supply the cleaning products and equipment. Our approach is for the client to let us deal with supplies as it is sometimes frustrating for cleaners to wait for cleaning products to come when the client does not have time to deal with ordering cleaning supplies. This affects us directly as it weakens the cleaning quality our cleaners have to offer.

Equipment: We use specialized cleaning equipment which includes waste management and hygiene services. The need for clean premises affects not only the customer’s perception of your premises but also their perception of your product or services. This is why our Industrial or Warehouse cleaning service targets multiple areas including chemical cleaning, blasting, or industrial sweeping.

Industrial Contract Cleaning

Our industrial clients can also expect the same type of care we provide to the commercial client

Food Industry Clients:

Clients running food-related factories will not be disappointed with us as we strive to better our service to this type of clients by providing colour coded equipment which will prevent cross-contamination between one room and another.

Cleaning Chemicals

Only food-grade cleaning chemicals are used in factories dealing with foodstuff.

At Axxo Cleaning Services, we are committed to preserving the environment by avoiding as much as possible the use of highly toxic or products that will directly harm the environment. Therefore we are committed to working hand in hand with our clients to achieve that goal