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Nanosterile - Long-Lasting Antimicrobial Surface Protection

We offer extended anti-microbial surface protection that works 24/7 over up to 12 months.

While cleaning is essential, it only lasts until the surface is touched or contaminated again. The threat of continuous recontamination and accidental cross-contamination has led to the development of a more resistant anti-microbial surface protector: Nanosterile

By combining novel technology with proven application protocols and methodology, treated surfaces remain continuously disinfected and sanitized for 6 to 12 months.

Surfaces tested in multiple treated areas eleven weeks after application showed significant, sustained reduction in average total colony forming units (CFUs). Ongoing retreatments demonstrated further reduction results of CFUs.

With Nanosterile, you remain protected for up to a year from many odors and a wide range of harmful contaminants including gram positive/negative bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses. Once your surface applied with Nanosterile, a protective transparent film will form and help minimize the ability for harmful microbial growth and multiplication.

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