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Are you looking for a professional disinfection service in Cape Town?

We offer prompt and affordable disinfection services in Cape Town and its suburbs.

Our Cape Town disinfection service will destroy any trace of enveloped viruses such as Coronavirus (Covid-19), H1N1 Virus and more.

Axxo Cleaning & Maintenance Services ranges of disinfection services include:

  • Office Disinfection Service;
  • Home Disinfection Service;
  • Hospital & Clinic Disinfection Service
  • Daycare & School Disinfection Service
  • Gym and Sports Facilities Disinfection Service
  • Retail Stores Disinfection Service
  • Outdoor Disinfection Service
  • Due to the going Covid-19 pandemic in Cape Town and the rest of the country, our intervention is crucial in helping our clients get rid of any existing or suspected traces of harmful micro-organisms. The quicker you call us, the better your chances of eradicating the deadly threat Covid-19 can pose to your family, staff or visitors.

    By contacting us, clients can expect:

  • Anti-viral disinfectant designed to target and kill enveloped viruses such as Novel Coronaviruses, Influenza, H1N1 virus and more.
  • 99.99% kill rate on germs, bacteria and viruses within 10 minutes.
  • Up to 30 days self-cleaning and disinfecting action to prevent further contaminations (standard disinfectants only last a few minutes or hours on surfaces).
  • Use of Ultra Low Volume Fogging Devices that converts disinfectant into nano droplets to reach areas smaller than viruses so they can't hid;
  • Non invasive disinfecting process (we hardly touch anything during the disinfection process).
  • A Price that is fair and in line with this time of need.

    There are generally two approaches to cleaning: First there’s cleaning for appearance – when something looks dirty you clean it. Then there’s cleaning for health.

    Cleaning for health is as basically what we call Sanitizing.

    We offer our sanitizing service to Offices, Schools, Care Facilities, Clinics and Public Transport

    Experts in the field

    At Axxo Cleaning Services, we’re committed to quality and safety. The product that we use combined with our cleaning process creates a Clinically Clean environment. Our carefully selected sanitizing products are aimed at specific tasks and challenging surfaces our staff have to face. They have to be bacteria and germ-free but also mold and allergen-free.

    Our flagship product is Aseptic Plus+™. We don’t mask odors, we eliminate them.

    Our technicians have received extensive training to be able to handle all sanitizing products we had in our range.

    Professional office sanitization service

    Our technicians are here to provide you with a safer and healthier environment and address any questions/ concerns that you may have. They will educate you about the process, the product, and provide recommendations for future sanitizing care. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

    To book our service, please send us an email or a Whataspp message with the following info:

  • Size of the premises;
  • Location;
  • Estimated date of service;
  • NB: Although our main target is the Novel Coronavirus that causes the disease commonly know as Covid-19, our process also eradicates any other disease causing pathogens.

    Professional home disinfection and sanitization service

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