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Axxo came into existence through the desire of bringing change between what is and what will be in the cleaning industry.

Many cleaning companies in Cape Town (Western Cape) and certainly the rest of South Africa have been offering to our ever changing and complex market the same type of cleaning services year after year.

The goal of Axxo Cleaning & Maintenance Services founding members was to push the ball further in territories not yet explored by many cleaning companies in the region. By combining cleaning services and property maintenance, many clients have welcomed the move as it allows them to use a single service provider to clean and maintain their property(ies)

The expansion of our company from its humble beginning to what it has become today allowed many jobless and hopeless individuals (men and women) have their lives positively changed through our intervention.

Our company's training and employment opportunities gave them a chance to become employed and get back their lost dignity through business we get from you our valuable customers.

By doing so, all our customers have contributed in an indirect way to the poverty alleviation of many of our fellow citizens. This has allowed them to live an active life and became part of our economy by supporting businesses like yours in return and this regardless of the sector you are operating in.

Many will even say, having a job is like having a "mom and dad". This is what we are proud to bring to them through the business we get from you, our valuable customers.