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Why do we need to clean our gutters?

Gutter cleaning is one of the most important home maintenance tasks to be carried out at least twice every year. Unfortunately many home owners and even businesses often overlook this task until gutters start to overflow and cause irreversible damages.

Preventive maintenance is the most efficient way to prolong the life of your gutters, ceiling and walls.

What does gutter cleaning consist of?

Cleaning all debris from gutters,

Cleaning and unclogging downspouts,

Cleaning up all gutter related debris off the ground

Checking for leaks & reporting back to the client for remedial action to be taken

How much does it cost?

Gutter cleaning cost depend on the total length of gutters, the number of downspouts and the height for gutters (single or double storey building)…

Prices are based on the above factors and often given in linear meters.

Why don’t you send us an email with your requirements and we will be able to give you an exact price idea according to your specific requirements?

Does your gutter cleaning service also include other services?

Yes, apart from gutter cleaning itself, we also offer cost savings operations while our gutter cleaners are on the roof. This includes:

  • Gutter repair service (leaks & broken brackets)
  • Trimming of branches
  • Roof inspection
  • Skylights cleaning
  • Solar panel’s cleaning
  • Internal Glazing

No call out fee or assessment fees as this is done while our crew is still on site.

We also offer free reminder to clients about their next clean before it is due.

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