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If you are looking for a quick and efficient carpet cleaning service in Cape Town, we’ve got you covered.

As a reliable and highly efficient carpet cleaning service in Cape Town, Axxo Cleaning & Maintenance Services offers various ranges of carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial clients.

Services provided include:

• House/Apartment carpet cleaning

• Office carpet cleaning

• Rug cleaning

• Upholstery cleaning

• Curtains cleaning

• Scotchgard carpet protection

Why is it important to clean your carpet and upholstery?

After a while, one’s carpet or upholstered furniture end up having stains and bad odors due to human and pet activities

Carpet and upholstery cleaning can be very delicate. This means it must never be done by amateurs or people who have no experience in following the cleaning process required to achieve acceptable results

When poorly done, irreversible damages can easily occur and therefore cost you more than whatever you tried to save.

We understand this and only use the best quality carpet cleaning agents to deep clean our clients carpets or upholstered furniture.

What can clients expect from us?

• Stain and Spot Treatment Service every time

• Fully qualified technicians

• Professional equipment and detergents

• ECO friendly products option also available

• Flexible service availability

• Instant quote

In our many years’ experience in carpet cleaning services in Cape Town, we have worked on many items including antique pieces and restored hundreds of carpets and sofas to their former state.

What are different steps taken for an effective clean?

Step 1: Pretreating the item

Before the actual carpet cleaning procedure takes place, the technician will vacuum clean the piece to remove that first layer of loose dust. Then, he will examine the stains (if any) and choose the appropriate detergent for each. Spilled drinks, greasy food splatters, and so on – whatever it is, it will be dealt with accordingly. However, keep in mind there are stains that permanently damage the fabric and they are impossible to clean. If our methods can’t clean them, nothing will. The same goes for cigarette burns…

Step 2: Main cleaning procedure

The technician uses a professional machine to deep clean every inch of the carpet. The nozzle ejects pressurized water mixed with our selected type of detergent for your item. This easily dislodges all accumulated grime and dust. At the same time, a powerful suction attachment is removing all the excess moisture from the piece. Our powerful machines will suck up 80 to 90% of all liquid used on the carpet or upholstery with the remaining 10 to 20% relying on evaporation.

Step 3: Short drying time

With less than 50% ambient humidity, it take 3 to 6 hours to air-dry on its own. Our carpet cleaning crew comes to the client with a big snail shape air-blower to speed up the drying process. Our staff will switch on the air-blower once done with the first room or item. This allows the carpet to dry up while they are busy in the following room or item. This method can reduce the drying time by half.

Areas covered by our service

We operate in the following areas: Cape Town CBD, Green Point, Sea Point, Gardens, Century City, Tableview, Rondebosch, Claremont, Wynberg, Goodwood, Bellville, Pinelands, Milnerton...

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